Magnetic Hair Brush

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Featuring a new attractive design, this fashionable magnetic hair brush contains a 1,200 gauss multi-pole magnet, which magnetizes the bristles to massage and energize the scalp and hair. Hair brush measures 9.25" long x 2.75" wide and is red in color with a very comfortable handle.

 Use as you would any regular hairbrush and receive Magnetic Therapy while you brush.  This unique Magnetic Hairbrush provides gentle scalp circulation to the hair follicles and a massage to your scalp while brushing your hair.

Used for hair loss, hair color and damaged hair follicles, as it helps with the loss of circulation to the site of the hair follicles.  When you add circulation to an area you increase the vital nutrients for better function and performance, very often increasing hair volume and growth in the natural color.

Enjoy images of 1880 and 1890 magnetic hair brush. 

Dr. Sierra's 1970's hair brush was a dominoe magnet taped to a custom hair brush with the South (+) polarity to the scalp to re-grow hair.  He had a bald area in his scalp, brushing it daily he stimulated hair growth, but not only he had hair growth, his hair changed from white to gray and then to dark and prebvented more hair loss. Results were amazing to him and to many people he prepraed the brush for.  Some also had their grey color turned dark.  Now these brushes are custom made with both polarities to the scalp.

Remember that the Chinese have believed for centuries that exposure to a Magnetic Field leads to remarkably improved hair growth and improved hair condition.  So this is not new!

On the other hand, Dr. Irma Sierra, also applies it to stimulate the acupressure points of the scalp and bring tension out at the end of a busy and stressful day! Also your hair can be healthier, shinier and as thick as possible as it adds volume.   As a note, she has been using magnetic therapy nearly 50 years! 

Who knows you may prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth too!  You have nothing to loose and a lot to gain!

Try it out! Start with a minimum of 2 minutes brushing in the morning and nite, plus any time during the day!