Magnetic Pet Bed

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Size 17" x 23", Organic Cotton

TheraPetic® magnetic pet beds provide gentle, therapeutic comfort and effective, natural pain relief for dogs and cats, large and small.

After only a few weeks of sleeping on a TheraPetic magnetic pet bed, most owners are amazed at how their pets appear to be happier and more active. Using high-energy, 4,300 gauss magnets, TheraPetic beds promote deep, natural pain relief for your pet's entire body, relaxing sore muscles and soothing painful joints due to pet arthritis, injuries and other conditions that make sleeping difficult.

TheraPetic pet beds can also help speed up your pet's recovery time after a recent injury or surgery. By increasing blood circulation, more oxygen and vital nutrients are delivered to damaged cells, leading to faster healing. So after a traumatic experience, your companion can start feeling better faster.

TheraPetic magnetic pet beds have a gentle, calming effect that helps animals fall asleep easier. Just like people, with more restful, restorative sleep, dogs and cats will have more energy for the next day. And with more energy, the body can better handle the effects of injury, stress and illness.

Comfort & Care

TheraPetic also take your pet's comfort seriously. Unlike any other dog or cat bed, TheraPetic magnetic pet pads exclusively use Thera-Core™ foam. Like a sponge, its soft, squishy feel provides the best therapeutic cushioning for your pet's entire body. It relieves pressure points, cushions the hips, and gently supports your pet's whole body, without collapsing to the floor. For hip dysplasia, TheraPetic's soft comfort and magnetic therapy is a lifesaver.

TheraPetic magnetic pet beds come complete with a zippered cover that is machine washable. The top fabric is a soft shearling, and the bottom is made with a heavy poly/cotton for long-lasting durability.