Nomad 18 Portable Pressure Washer Green

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NOTE: Does not include battery or charger. The battery compatible with this system is the 18v Ryobi.

18 V Features

User Adjustable Spray

Adjusts from a solid stream to remove things like sticky mud, to a gentle mist for washing off or cooling down your four-legged friends. Or yourself!

Detachable Tank

Separate the 14 litre (3.2 gallon) tank from the base and dunk into a lake or stream. Of course, you could fill it up at a tap, but it's just not as much fun.

Zippered Storage Pouch

Built-in neoprene pouch is durable and flexible, for storing away the hose and spray gun after use.

Built-in Filter

How is anything going to get clean with dirty water?
It won't! The removable flexible fine mesh filter catches it before it can get into the tank.

Over-Molded Handle, Cap and Spray Nozzle, plus a Padded Shoulder Strap

It's all about comfort.

Swiveling Hose Quick Connect

Makes connecting simple and will keep the hose from kinking and twisting. Fit one end of the hose into the other when you're done, means no dripping.

Need accessories? Buy the Hose Assembly Here.