About us

ECHO Verde... Un Mundo Ecologico is the first eco-friendly store in Puerto Rico, located in Montermar Plaza, Hato Rey, where you will find a wide array of eco-modern goods. As we define it, an eco-modern product is always elegantly designed, attractive, and functional. It is also at least one of the following:

- made from recycled materials
- recyclable
- made from biodegradable organic materials
- handmade
- made from sustainable materials
- biodegradable
- educational
- Fair Trade

All products at ECHO Verde are screened to fit one of these criteria, or as many as possible. Being green does not mean having to sacrifice style. Moving "green" benefits our homes, our communities, and our planet and reduces the carbon foot print for future generations!

At ECHO Verde we are continually exploring ways to reduce our environmental impact. At the moment, we re-use or recycle as much as possible of the packaging and paper we receive from our suppliers. We use only energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs and LED to light the store. Much of our display furniture and shelving is made from recycle pallets and eco-friendly bamboo. Our walls are painted with low-VOC paint.

Currently we are giving away reusable shopping bags to all of our customers who purchase $35.00 or more, with the purpose of reducing the use of single plastic bags and as an incentive for them to come back. When you do, and you have the bag with you, we will give you a discount on your purchase, with no minimum purchase required!

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We are excited and have a vision of a much better quality of life for all. We would love to greet you personally, so do come by and visit us when you are in the area of Hato Rey, Puerto Rico or drop us a comment at info@echoverde.net or Call 1.787.756.8163