Remote Fridge Monitor

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Whether you're cruising the highways or off-road in the middle of nowhere, you shouldn't have to worry about whether your food and drinks are staying cold in the ARB Fridge/Freezer. The convenient and easy-to-use ARB Fridge Freezer Remote Monitor sticks to your front windshield and provides a constant stream of data, including temperature, compressor status and supply voltage.

The ARB Fridge Freezer Remote Monitor works off of a wireless signal that can pick up the status of your fridge from a distance of 100ft (50ft if there is a lot of interference). This is particularly important when you are way off-road. And since the monitor features a bright back-lit display, you can check on your goodies day or night.

The Fridge and freezer monitor is useful during day trips and overnight camping. Its small size and portable design makes it easy to move from the vehicle to your campsite. By releasing the display from its holder you can plug the monitor into a portable power supply and ensure that your items remain cold overnight.

The power of wireless technology and remote monitoring unite to allow you to follow your passion for off-roading without giving up your favorite refrigerated foods/drinks.