Benecos Natural Nail Care Pen

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When you transform your cuticles, you pretty much transform your hands! Once you’ve used Benecos’ award-winning Natural Nail Care Pen, you’ll see what we mean. This most nourishing balm comes in a convenient tube. When you twist the tube, the balm is released which you apply with the built-in brush. Because it’s so hassle- and mess-free, you’re more apt to use it on a daily basis. And when you use it on a daily basis, there’s no way you can have dry nail beds, brittle nails, or rough and jagged cuticles! Winner of the “Best Nail Innovation” award in the 2013 Pure Beauty UK Awards.

• Organic oils of jojoba, coconut, and sweet almond, along with organic shea butter deeply moisturize nail beds.  moisture. maximum protection from the elements as they moisturize and soothe your nail beds.
• Organic chamomile extract, with its anti-inflammatory properties, soothes irritated and dry cuticles.
• Enriched with vitamins E and F which help to prevent thin and fragile nails.  Without adequate amounts of vitamin F, skin and nails are dry, thin and brittle, resulting in skin tears and slow nail growth.