Bar Soap - ALOE

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The best bar of soap for sensitive skin.  We add fresh Caribbean aloe vera to our unscented handmade soap.

The mildest of all of our soaps with no fragrances or colorants.  For this reason, it’s the perfect choice for those who are allergic to fragrances and dyes.

Uses of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known throughout  the Caribbean for its healing properties.  Also called the “miracle  and “first aid” plant.  For this reason, we believe this is the best bar of soap for sensitive skin.

Aloe is used locally to:

– Moisturize dry skin.
– Improve skin appearance lightening dark spots and blemishes.
– Soothe sunburn.
– Help heal burns.
– Helps heal scrapes and bruises.
– Even used internally to detoxify the body!