Bar Soap - GOAT'S MILK

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Just with the awesome skin healing properties of goat’s milk. Nothing more!

Goat’s milk soaps offer a creamy, moisturizing bathing experience. Great as both a facial and body soap for dry and sensitive skin  We add oatmeal to gently cleanse the skin.

Benefits of Goat’s Milk Soap:

Goat’s milk soaps are always our bestsellers. You’ll love the feel of your skin after using them.

Using a goat’s milk soap will:

– Moisturize: Will leave skin soft and moisturized due to the fat content of the milk.
– Creamy Lather: You will enjoy the rich and dense lather these soaps create.
– Rich in Nutrients: The milk contains essential vitamins like A, D and B6 which are readily absorbed by the skin.
– Skin Healer: Soothes dry and damaged skin and may help conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. The oatmeal will also help relieve itchiness. Also, the milk has capric-caprylic triglyceride which helps form a barrier on the skin to seal in moisture.

Full size 4.25 oz. bar