Elephant Dung Paper - 25pc (8.5" x 11")

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Mr. Ellie Pooh's eco-friendly elephant dung paper is a crafter's dream come true. It was born to stamp, scrapbook, and letter press with. Each 8.5x11 inch sheet is handmade with a texture and feel like no other. Try some poo poo paper today, we think you will love it.

As far as being Earth-friendly, our paper is 100% recycled, 30% poo fiber and 70% post consumer. Furthermore, our dyes and binding agents are organic vegetable products.  There are great recycled papers available today...none with a lower carbon footprint than ours. No trees were cut down, elephants do the pulping ,and the villagers make the paper.

Our paper thickness varies between 90-110 gsm and can be used for corporate stationery and envelopes.  It will go through most ink jet printers but doesn't work with laser printers.