Magnetic Hair Brush

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The only magnetic brush specifically made for the stimulation of hair follicles!

  • Hair preservation and regeneration.
  • Reduces hair loss and dandruff and return healthy shine and luster to your hair.
  • Stimulate blood circulation and eliminate blood stasis.
  • Relax and clear your mind, relieve muscular strain, neurasthenia and migraine headaches.
  • Use smooth side of the brush as a massaging device to lessen wrinkles and smooth your skin.
  • Use the soft bristles for a relaxing massage on your tired hands and feet.
  • Cuticular skin cells will also be invigorated and old, dry, chapped skin may disappear. 

Featuring a new attractive design, this fashionable magnetic hair brush contains a 1,200 gauss magnet with the South positive (+) polarity which magnetizes the bristles to massage and energize the scalp and hair while the smooth side of the brush magnet is the North, negative (-) polarity to apply to skin as a soothing or relaxing massage. 

Hair brush measures 9" long x 2.5" wide with a very comfortable handle.

Use as you would any regular hairbrush and receive Magnetic Therapy while you brush.  This unique Magnetic Hairbrush provides gentle scalp circulation to the hair follicles and a massage to your scalp while brushing your hair.

Used for hair loss, hair color and damaged hair follicles, as it helps with the loss of circulation to the site of the hair follicles.  When you add circulation to an area you increase the vital nutrients for better function and performance, very often increasing hair volume and growth in the natural color.

The application of the soft bristles to your head and face and/or the smooth side of the brush work together to stimulate the cerebral cortex and facial nerves. They work together to stimulate and can create relaxing massage.

Try it out! Start with a minimum of 2 minutes brushing in the morning and nite, plus any time during the day!