Osma Alum Block

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When thinking of traditional shaving techniques, few items are more evocative of such old World flair and expertise than the Osma Alum Block. It's easy to see why; while alum blocks are classic items, they still possess the efficacy of many modern innovations, especially when it comes to soothing skin thanks to its antiseptic properties. Skin is left feeling cooled and calmed, with bleeding caused from shaving nicks brought to an immediate halt.


Wet the Osma Alum Block and apply it on the face after manual shaving or before electrical.

Why it Works

Osma Alum Block is a hard crystalline stone that becomes activated when brought into contact with water and the skin. Long believed to possess incredible healing powers we now understand it's an effective antiseptic and antiperspirant that provides a balm like film over skin. Such a seal puts a halt to bleeding and keeps moisture locked in long after the shave.

Product of France.