Safety Whistle

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Industry-recognized emergency whistle

Whistles for Life’s whistles equip you with the most important tool for being found in a life-or-death situation: the ability to be heard.

Whistles for Life has the only whistle on the market that can provide a full spectrum of sound frequencies from a single blow of the whistle. The key to our whistle’s loud, distinct sound is in its three-chambered design: two pea-less side chambers that produce omnidirectional sounds at different frequencies, and a center chamber with a waterproof pea that produces a powerful 120-decibel staccato sound. This whistle can be heard over large crowds, emergency vehicles, water, and other natural noises to alert that help is needed.

This shatterproof whistle is made from high-impact ABS plastic which makes it extremely durable and strong, and the waffle grip was added to ensure a firm grasp in almost any condition. With Whistles for Life’s universal locking clip, you can be assured that your whistle will always be with you during any emergency situation.