Stainless Steel Tiffin Food Carriers

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These Stainless Steel Tiffin Sets are reusable, lightweight, and have lids that double as a plate! Great for both hot and cold food, these Tiffin's are easy to carry and clean, and hard to live without. Available in three sizes and designed with the planet in mind. 

- Available in 3 sizes

- Snack Stack - Holds approximately 2 cups, for the top unit; 2.5 cups, bottom unit.
- 2-Tier Tiffin - Holds approximately 4 3/4 cups per tier.
- 3-Tier Tiffin - Holds approximately 2 cups for top and middle units; 2 1/2 cups, bottom unit

-Features sturdy self-latching top that doubles as a plate

-Made of 200 14/1 Grade Stainless Steel

- Dishwasher & Oven Safe

- BPA and Phthalate Free

- 100% Recyclable