Vegan Nursing Nipple Balm

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Nursing Nipple Balm is made with natural plant-based ingredients. The blend of organic cocoa butter and coconut oil soothes cracked and sore skin, adding a lushness and lovely scent. This gentle balm can be used anywhere you are having dry skin. 

Net wt 11g zero waste tin; 8 in a display box
Ingredients: certified fair trade organic cocoa butter, certified organic coconut oil, certified non-gmo avocado oil, candelilla wax



The cocoa butter and coconut oils are certified organic by the USDA and EcoCert, respectively. Avocado, while not certified organic, is considered the first in the "Clean 15", which are produce that have the lowest risk of pesticide exposure (in this case, the avocado's skin is too thick for spray-on chemicals to penetrate the rich fruit). The candelilla wax is a vegan substitute for beeswax - this is not grown at the scale of which organic certification is available. We make no claims as to the organic/gmo status of the candelilla plants.